Things To Be Considered On Rings

Things to be Considered on Rings

Carat and Clarity

The Four C's are the traditional guidelines used to assess the quality of a stone. A carat is approximately one fifth of a gram. The size and location of inclusions -flaws- in a diamond determine its clarity and ratings. The amount of clarity ranges from flawless to most desirable, to imperfect. The fewer the inclusions the greater the quality and the value.

Cut and Color

A diamond's cut determines its brilliance; more facets, or surfaces, mean more sparkle. Color is determined an a scale from D- the highest - to Z - the lowest. The whiter the stone the closer it is to a D rating. Subtle traces of a color such as brown, yellow or gray are not desirable. Which are colored and extremely rare.

The Engagement Ring

The Engagement Ring

Even if a bride does not intend to wear her engagement ring on a daily basis, it should still complement the reality of her style. For those who anticipate wearing their engagement ring with their wedding band, the width of both hands should correspond to the size and shape of the stone as well as the proportion of the bride's finger. The rings should also be designed to be worn together. As with the style of the ring the choice of the stone will impact how the ring will look on the bride's  hand. In addition, the color of the stone should complement the bride's skin tone.


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